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To All My Baldies

Much love! You are strong. You are beautiful. You are amazing. Most importantly, your confident shines through your bald head.

Living with Alopecia is not easy, I know. However life is not made to be easy, and thats what makes you so special. People will look at you differently than anyone else and that is okay. I have learned to cope with it and actually turn it into something special. When someone looks at you different, just smile. Smiling is contagious. say, I love myself and I love my bald head. It has become apart of me and it is who I am. There are good days, and even if I don't show it, there are bad ones too. There's nothing worse than wishing you were the girl with your hair blowing in the wind. The girl getting your hair done by your friends. Even the one with that cute messy bun thrown on the top of your head because you were late for school. But that's only 10% of the thoughts I will have. The other 90%, the rest of them, they are just pure love for who I am. I love being the girl whose hair doesn't get in my face when the wind blows. I love being the girl that is doing my friends hair, instead of them doing mine. The one who doesn't have to even mess with hair when I'm already late for school. I love showing my confidence to others, hoping they look at me and say

damn she's got a lot of confidence

It's not easy being the different one, however it has been a very successful journey.

I hope I can continue to share my stories and I hope that other girls just like me can too!! 📷 much love for the Alopecia Community 


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