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Emmy Combs is a makeup artist and a licensed cosmetologist. She does all types of makeup from beauty makeup to special effects. She's very talented at hair as well, despite the fact that she has Alopecia it does not stop her from pursuing her passion with makeup and hair. She can perform a variety of different creative hairstyles, and hair services as well. Those include, as a licensed cosmetologist, chemical services, haircuts, facials, nails, and eyebrow waxing/grooming. She has a confident and kind sole, and her goals in life are to spread positivity and to inspire others. As a makeup artist, Emmy wants to show people how creating art on someones face is the beauty of confidence and self love. She wants to be able to make someone feel confident when they wear her art. “When Someone else is happy, I am happy, a confident smile is contagious!”

Emmy has a auto immune disease called Alopecia Universalis. Alopecia causes the immune system to attack its hair follicle resulting in hair loss over the entire body. Emmy does not let her unique differences affect the way she lives her life. She expresses beauty through confidence. Alopecia has taught her many things over the years. Confidence is the KEY to a happy and healthy lifestyle! She has learned that her unique physical differences from others have given her the gift of confidence and self love. "Being different from others should not discourage anyone from living their dreams or reaching for their goals". She has chose to express and share her story with the world, hoping to inspire and help others love themselves for who they are. Emmy hopes that others can learn from her stories and share their own stories as well.

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Emmy is currently a Los Angeles based makeup artist!

She is originally from Maryland, but moved across the US to California in 2018. She travels between California and Maryland quite often to visit family and do jobs.

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