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Good Morning Makeup

I woke up today wanting to look my best since I hadn't in while. I've been lazy with my makeup through my senior year. Everything's just getting so tiring, but i need a day to shine and look my best! I woke up at 5:30 am ready to roll! Except... once i was already awake I hear of a 2 hour school delay? UGH! I was already awake but I forced myself to go back to sleep for the next hour and a half. I once again woke up excited to use my #sephorapro palette, and so I did! I got all ready my face was baking in the #lauramercier setting powder and what do I hear of... SCHOOL IS CANCELLED!!!! How I love my days off, however what a waste of makeup! I decided to take some pictures instead and add them to my makeup portfolio so It wasn't all a waste after all ;)

I came up with this look this morning, a little gold and orange to match my new 3 piece choker necklace :)

I used (main products);

The Sephora Pro warm palette, Cat Von D, Shade and Light palette, Cover FX foundation in the shade P40, Nars blush, Urban Decay lip stick in the color Liar



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